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The Backstage Foundation maintains a simple and clear system of Values;

Experience, Community, Opportunity.

Our values allow us to reinforce our mission by observing and actively applying their importance on a regular basis. They are in every reach of all we endeavor, as they serve as our compass for working alongside one another and our communities. 



We have talented teams with diverse areas of expertise whom are well connected in the community. We use our understanding to further embrace empathy of unique experiences & circumstances regarding those we wish to aid. This allows us to work with excitement in ownership of our mission and collaboration with each other and our partners. Loving and serving others first is our continued focus at the end of all things, most pointedly taking inspired action at every turn so we can fulfill our mission of doing better, together.

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We utilize unique voices, stories and walks of life to temper our inspired actions. We advocate communication with respect and reinforce it with encouragement. We share resources and information. We prize transparency so all things done have the greatest considerations of impact and maintain inclusion of the unique voices that comprise our collective.  

Hip Hop Dancer on Stage



We work diligently with focus to continuously build and maintain relationships with partners, donors and the talent. Creating sustainable opportunities that provide roots and perpetuate a legacy to empower, motivate and inspire future generations is important to us. We strive to create events and collaborations that provoke meaningful conversations for changing the landscape. Together, we hope to create lasting connections that foster growth and success.

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