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Eva was a light in our world representing experience, community, and opportunity, the values of the backstage foundation. She led her life with what mattered most, a true role model in living these values, while building a legacy for others to follow in her footsteps. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Eva enjoyed and had a passion for the arts. From theater to dance, the stage lit up her life. 

As a mother, Eva focused on providing experiences for her children. Life was about experiencing the world around her with those she loved. Breathing in the beauty of nature while breathing out the importance of being connected and grounded in purpose. She loved the mountains, the water, the sun, the rain, the northwest, and captured every meaningful moment while teaching children to connect with and

Eva provided opportunity to all around her, especially children. She was a gentle guide full of strength with a willingness to allow the children to teach her as well. For each child that was placed in her path, she had a special gift to share of building their self confidence, celebrating their successes, and teaching them how to process and grow from any challenge encountered. Eva made sure every child had the opportunity to learn independence and self-worth in a safe environment. She captured their hearts and loved unconditionally while showing them how to do the same. With beauty and grace, Eva built her life to love and serve others and always gave the opportunity for others to join her in service. Kari had a very special bond with Eva from very early on in life and always admired the person she was to our community. She wanted to follow in her footsteps to impact the world and bless others in the way that Eva did so genuinely. Throughout Kari's growing up years and into adulthood, Eva was family. She encouraged, supported, and created a safe space for dreams to be brought to life. Eva brought out creativity in Kari and the confidence to accomplish anything imagined. Eva always made life about others and kept her many accomplishments to herself. After Eva's passing a few years ago and the opportunity to explore historical photos, Kari learned for the first time that Eva was a dancer for many years. So many pieces of the puzzle put together for this special bond and meaningful memories to last a lifetime. Eva's advice to Kari always had a message of encouragement with a boost of confidence to say, "fly, little ladybug, fly" and "soar the sky, my little bluebird" ... you can go anywhere!

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experience nature. She loved the theatre and taught her own children to engage in the beauty of the stories brought to life on the stage. Eva lived a life of creativity, inspired imagination, and created a world where all experiences had meaning. 


Eva brought community to every life she touched. Through her over 50 years of owning and individually operating her in-home childcare business, she positively impacted the lives of hundreds of children & families, her neighborhood, and the local community. She walked through life with everyone and gave them her whole heart. Living life with her daycare families, through joys and sorrows, she was consistent, safe, full of love, and all knew that as long as there was “Eva’s house” everything would be okay. She brought people together, celebrated with them, brought life, grieved with them, and lived every day with intention to connect and have others experience the feeling of being part of a community. 


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