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Become the biggest supporter of their dreams...

Your radical generosity has an amazing impact on lives!

The Backstage Foundation strives to be the bridge to connect enthusiastic patrons of the arts to gifted dance artists in need of support. Every donation counts, big or small.


We appreciate your generosity in wanting to support young dancers who are financially challenged and may not otherwise have the opportunity to continue their training and performance experiences to further their professional career.


In the changing landscape that is arts enrichment, dance is one of the major pillars of fine arts. In order for the those who possess the talent, drive, and passion to succeed, they need access to quality training opportunities.


The Backstage Foundation is committed to making those opportunities more accessible by leveraging and eliminating the barriers, that often times monetary costs & lack of access, can present. Imagine never being able to progress any further with your passion, simply because there was no financial support of any kind to do so.


We, at The Backstage Foundation, believe strongly that no dancer should have to miss an opportunity that will grow their skills, inspire their life motivations and build their character, as long as we in the community have a means to propel them forward.


We ask all of our donors to consider that what you will be giving to these talented individuals is a key to access a space that will alter the course of their lives, forever. Dance is that powerful, that life changing and has the ability to produce our future mentors and leaders from a single event.


Here is your chance to support those spaces and allow them to become tangible. 


Girls class.png


Provides, on average, registration and one dance class for one month or a private lesson with a well-established dance choreographer.

Girls Lacing Up Their Ballet Shoes


Provides, on average, one season of dancewear, three performance costumes, or two solo entry fees for a national dance competition.

Hip Hop Dance


Provides, on average, one local dance workshop/convention with the industry’s top instructors.

Dance Performance


Provides, on average, one Dance Industry Intensive program to prepare a dancer for the professional dance industry.



Provides, on average, one years’ tuition for an advanced dancer at a local studio or registration to a national convention, including travel lodging and meals.

Jumping Dancer


Provides, on average, for one advanced dancer to attend an exclusive summer intensive program at a well-renowned dance school, including travel, lodging, and meals. A summer intensive program often leads to dance career advancement and placement in future programs.

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