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Christina is a lover of art in all forms... Dance, music, painting, crafting, theatre, nature and more. She has been a graphic designer for over two decades and has a deep appreciation for creating beautiful and intentional design to enhance the vision and mission of businesses & events.


Dance has always been an integral part of her life... Having been a dancer for over 25 years. She feels that movement helps to align individuals with self-awareness, body empowerment, community, health and most importantly it is an outlet for creative expression to benefit the mind, body and spirit. Christina strongly believes in advocating for opportunities for those in the community who are in need of support within the arts and dance education, to continue weaving beauty and diversity into our world.

Christina lives on the beautiful island of Maui and is the owner of Shanti Sound Healing. Shanti's mission is ‘Transforming Lives Through Sound.’ She utilizes her gifts in sound healing and meditation to bring balance and peace (Shanti) to all. She also leads women's circles and retreats to build community, empowerment, creativity and ritual into every-day life.

In her free time, Christina loves exploring the island, snorkeling & hiking with her partner Paul, cooking vegan food and dancing.

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