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Heather is the Manager of  Global Administrative Planning and Operations Meta, where she leads a team whose mission is to manage admin allocations and growth, while ensuring equity and fairness for every administrative professional at Meta. In her 17+ years in the tech industry, Heather has built successful partnerships with executives at Microsoft, OVP Venture Partners, and Meta. She has been a dedicated leader in her church community and a partner of multiple local and global charitable organizations including Vision House, Charity: Water, American Cancer Society and now The Backstage Foundation.  Heather’s passion for dance started at age 4 and has only strengthened over the years.  She currently takes adult hip-hop classes weekly and notes it as the activity that brings her the most joy.  Heather was born and raised in Bellevue, WA and offers a wealth of knowledge in the social media sector, and a passionate heart for the arts and for elevating aspiring dancers to new heights.

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